The Best Apple is

Let's take a peek at the best apple for baking, the most popular one for flavour, and which one is the best overall for each function you may require it for. 

Most varieties of apple contain about the same nutrition, calories, vitamins, and minerals so what sets these fruits apart are the factors which individualize them in taste, texture, and best quality for the job at hand. Which apple is the best or the most popular apple depends on whether you want the fruit for baking, eating, its health benefits, or its individual plant characteristics. Our personal preferences determine some of our choice but the uniqueness of each variety of apple is what largely makes it best suited to fulfill a specific function. Apples grow in a variety of climates and most can be eaten raw or cooked.

There are around 7500 types with about 2500 of those varieties being grown in the United States so you really do have quite a variety of fruit to sift through for your favorites. If you are interested in discovering the very best apple in the batch keep reading.

If you are planning on baking up a homemade apple pie, sauce, crisp, or crumb cake then you just may be interested in knowing exactly which species is the very best for this task. Statistics say that the delightful green Granny Smith is one of the best apples to cook with. It is given this honor due its crisp texture and tart flavor which tends to sweeten in the cooking. 

A crispy apple will maintain some of its texture in cooking whereas a softer apple such as a Macintosh will become quite mushy after cooking. Both varieties serve a distinct function in the kitchen with a soft apple often being the preferred fruit for apple sauce or pudding type desserts.

It is important to note that there are a number of apples which make the grade as a great cooking ingredient. Popular opinion is that the best cooking apples are these: Granny Smith, Pippin, Baldwin, Braeburn, Cortland, Crispin, Macintosh, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Greening, Jonathan, Northern Spy, Rome Beauty, Russet, Stayman, and Winesap. Which gives you quite a selection of tasty fruit to select from for your baking needs.
If you were curious as to which apple is the most widely consumed or most popular then statistically speaking the most commercially produced one would likely win this title.

In the United States for the past 5 decades it has been the Red Delicious apple that out grows and out sells all others. The red delicious has consistently been the highest produced apple in the United States which would lead a person to conclude that it may also be the most widely consumed apple in the USA as well. Best selling? Yes it received that title too but not any longer. The Gala apple has officially replaced the Red Delicious at the top of the pack. 

The most popular apple with consumers is now the Gala, the Red Delicious moves down to 2nd place, and the the crisp green Granny Smith sits in 3rd place. The flavour of the Gala apple is purported to far outreach that of any other.

Looking for the best apple for cleansing your body? There is one of those out there as well. Detoxing the body was all the rage a few years ago until it was discovered that some of the commercially prepared formulas came with unwanted side effects and were not quite so healthy as they were made out to be. Today quite a few people are choosing a safer more natural method of body cleansing.

Apple pectin is used as a natural detox to remove toxins, drug residue, heavy metal poisons, and other pollutants from the body. Eating an apple a day will help to cleanse your system but if you really do want to do the cleanse then here are a few tips to help you out. Stay away from store bought pills and instead hike over to your local grocery store to purchase some organic apples for your cleanse. If you want a natural cleanse then go natural all the way. If you are planning on participating in a natural detox diet to help remove toxins from your body studies hint that the tarter the apple the more pectin it contains. Logically this would mean that the crispy crunchy sour little apple that we call the Granny Smith would be one of the best apples to consume for a body cleanse.

Prepare your apples by first washing them. You can then chop your fruit into tiny pieces by hand or use a food processor for this task. Keep the peels on as often as possible as much of the fruit's nutrition lies within the skin or just under it.

In a large pot combine your apples with about a half cup of water. Slow cook till your apples are creamy in consistency. You can use a potato masher to help out with the process. Eat a bowl of apple sauce as often as you would like throughout the day but at least 3 to 5 times daily depending on your consumption of other foods. 
If you are restricting other foods do not cleanse for longer than a 3 day period. It is never wise to deprive the body of protein or a proper balance of nutrients for any extended period of time. Drink plenty of water or other juices during your cleanse period to prevent dehydration and to help your body better cleanse itself. 

This is a fruit with a powerful punch in the health department.
Apples are loaded with fibre, nutrients, and vitamins. Apples also may have the amazing ability to help detoxify the body of harmful chemicals, pollutants, and heavy metals. The average medium apple contains about 81 calories and 21 grams of carbohydrates within it. Much of an apple's nutrition is found in or just under the skin so it is important to consume this part of the fruit. Many people peel their apples when baking and throw the peels away. The skin of the apple is edible, tasty, and highly nutritious and rather than becoming waste they can be used to make apple cider vinegar.

One medium sized apple contains about 4 grams of fiber, 10 mg of calcium, 159 mg of potassium, 8 mg of vitamin C, 10 mg of phosphorous, 73 IU of vitamin A, 4 mcg of folate, and .25 mg of iron. Surprisingly apples do not contain sodium.

We know they are good for us but will an apple a day really keep the doctor away? Studies are finding that an apple a day may help to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides and that is certainly a healthier start to one's day.
An apple a day may help to prevent colon and prostrate cancer. Eating an apple removes harmful elements from the body and inputs a substantial abundance of essential nutrients so it makes perfect sense that an apple a day just may help to keep the doctor away.

When all the information is sifted through and all the figures added up it does appear that there are some very logical reasons backing up the claims of this old saying. No matter which variety it is that you select to consume an apple or two each day should help to keep you a little healthier.

If you are planning on planting an apple tree or two and are worried about all those little roving diseases, bugs, and bacteria that so love to nestle into the fruit growing there then you may want to know which apple trees are the most disease resistant. The most disease resistant apples are: Belmac, Britegold, Dayton, Enterprise, Freedom, Florina, Gold Rush, Jonafree, Liberty, Macfree, Mcshay, Moira, Murray, Nova Easygrow, Novamac, Novaspy, Prima, Primevere, Priscilla, Pristine, Redfree, Richelieu, Rouville, Sir Prize, Trent, William's Pride.

We have a number of fruit trees in our yard and these are kept pesticide free. There are many visitors to the trees in our yard including good bugs and bad bugs, bees, birds, my hubby, me, and our grandchildren. They would all be affected if we used chemical sprays which is one of the reasons we chose to go organic. 
It hasn't affected our harvest. We generally get quite a good crop each year with enough for ourselves and a few of our friends as well. 

Going organic really isn't as difficult as some people believe. Mother Nature helps out quite a bit and the local birds enjoy munching out on a bug or two as well. They sometimes take a few bites of fruit but offer a much larger benefit compared to what they take. Going organic is a process of give and take with all factors of nature. With a little trial and error you will figure it out. Apples are ranked as one of our healthiest foods. Unfortunately they can also contain high levels of pesticides as well. Apples consistently rank high on the Dirty Dozen List of the world's most polluted foods. If you cannot plant your own fruit trees purchase organic fruit whenever possible.

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