Natural Home Remedies for Constipation

Using an over the counter or prescription laxative on a regular basis is not generally a healthy way to control constipation. Unfortunately suffering from a painful bout of this condition is not something that anyone looks forward to either.

Fortunately there are safer ways to get regular than to dose your body with chemicals. Many common foods act as natural laxatives and all that you have to do to make your body happy is to consume them on a regular basis.

You may be a little surprised at which foods are the best home remedies for that slow moving intestinal system of yours. Many of these natural treatments are common foods that are sitting in your kitchen cupboard or fridge just waiting to used. Let's take a peek at some of the best natural laxatives available for your personal use.

Experiencing a slowed down digestive system can mean that you are not eating appropriately. First in the line up of natural defences against constipation is fibre. It is a very important ingredient in …

How to Blanch Swiss Chard for Freezing

Swiss Chard is a nutrient rich dark leafy green vegetable. It is quite a hardy garden crop and comes in both a red stalk and a white stalk variety. Both of the Swiss Chard varieties are high in nutrients and low in calories. 

This vegetables grows throughout the summer and fall season so you can generally enjoy it fresh from the garden for quite a lengthy growing season. It can be harvested throughout the summer months by picking the larger leaves for individual meals and allowing the smaller leaves to continue growing till the final harvest. Using this method you can have quite a large harvest of this nutritious leafy vegetable. The main crop in late fall is still very bountiful and can be blanched and put in the freezer for meals throughout the winter.

When storing vegetables for the freezer it is important to blanch vegetables as this will help them maintain their optimum nutrition, colour, and flavour. 

Blanching locks all that wonderful goodness inside and helps to preserve it there…

Most Filling Foods: Satiety List

A diet can be one of the most frustrating things that a person can participate in. Losing weight is a difficult process.

Feeling hungry and denying those urges can be a real test of willpower. You wind up sitting in a corner all by your grumpy old self sipping herbal tea and munching on a stick of celery to stave off the traumatic effects of self induced starvation.

Fortunately there are studies being done that can help us be successful in our weight loss attempts. One of the newest directions is research into filling foods in the hope that these foods could help to reduce our need to snack or over eat. They could satisfy our cravings and help us to feel full for a longer period of time so there would be less need to break our diet.

We now know that there are a number of physical and emotional factors involved in the dieting process. When we attempt to lose weight we not only do battle with the bulge but we must attempt to rationalize the whole process with a brain that is only too willi…

Flatulence Gas Food Facts

Consuming food does cause abdominal gas. This flatulence is simply one of those nasty little facts of life that we have to deal with. It is quite normal for us to pass a lot of the stuff.

We are human and being human means that every now and then we are going to produce a little air within us that sooner or later is going to have to be released.

Flatulence occurs and it is something that we shouldn't have to feel ashamed of. Foods that are difficult for the body to digest are very likely to produce gas as a byproduct. It is a fact that we just cannot get around or ignore and especially when we are out in a public place.

Although a lot of the gases that are emitted during flatulence do not smell every now and then a fart that is rich in sulfur will make an appearance and the aroma will literally be strong enough to strip paint from walls.

Flatulence can show up at the most awkward of times. It is an embarrassing fact that most of us at one time or another has had to toot and then run …