Foods That Are Good For Your Brain

If your mind is performing sluggishly, underachieving, and tossing away brain cells faster than a shopaholic counting out coins at a blue light sale then you may need to add into your diet plan some foods that are known for their positive effect on brain health.  Studies are suggesting that there are indeed specific nutrients that your brain requires to keep it working at peak performance.  When it comes to keeping your brain happy and healthy there truly are good foods and bad foods that you should be aware of.  What you eat can affect your cognitive functioning throughout the day. So if you want to get your brain pretending it is Einstein then sharpen up a pencil and get ready to prepare a grocery list of food items that your brain wants you to go shopping for. These are the foods that feed your mind.  So which foods are the best for your brain health? First on your shopping list should be Omega 3-fats. These are fats which are very important for keeping the brain healthy and wo

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