How to Prevent Freezer Burn on Refrigerated Food

Most of us have experienced a case of freezer burn on the foods that we want to preserve within our freezer.  We pull out that package of fruit, vegetables, or beef steak and realize that it looks awful. The food is now covered in ice, discoloured, and appears to have the moisture drawn completely out of it.  Well that is indeed what occurs when this phenomenon hits your refrigerated foods. Freezer burn is a process of dehydration within frozen food products and it can affect any food that is in a freezer.   It occurs when the moisture within frozen meat, fruit, or vegetable is drawn to the surface and turns to ice crystals there rather than staying within the food itself and maintaining that moisture there.  The food isn't bad - It just is not as pretty or tasty as it could be.  Freezer burn is simply a process of dehydration. So why does this process affect some foods and not others? It can be so very frustrating.  Although your freezer temperature is very cold, water evaporates

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