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Most Filling Foods: Satiety List

A diet can be one of the most frustrating things that a person can participate in. Losing weight is a difficult process.

Feeling hungry and denying those urges can be a real test of willpower. You wind up sitting in a corner all by your grumpy old self sipping herbal tea and munching on a stick of celery to stave off the traumatic effects of self induced starvation.

Fortunately there are studies being done that can help us be successful in our weight loss attempts. One of the newest directions is research into filling foods in the hope that these foods could help to reduce our need to snack or over eat. They could satisfy our cravings and help us to feel full for a longer period of time so there would be less need to break our diet.

We now know that there are a number of physical and emotional factors involved in the dieting process. When we attempt to lose weight we not only do battle with the bulge but we must attempt to rationalize the whole process with a brain that is only too willi…

Flatulence Gas Food Facts

Consuming food does cause abdominal gas. This flatulence is simply one of those nasty little facts of life that we have to deal with. It is quite normal for us to pass a lot of the stuff.

We are human and being human means that every now and then we are going to produce a little air within us that sooner or later is going to have to be released.

Flatulence occurs and it is something that we shouldn't have to feel ashamed of. Foods that are difficult for the body to digest are very likely to produce gas as a byproduct. It is a fact that we just cannot get around or ignore and especially when we are out in a public place.

Although a lot of the gases that are emitted during flatulence do not smell every now and then a fart that is rich in sulfur will make an appearance and the aroma will literally be strong enough to strip paint from walls.

Flatulence can show up at the most awkward of times. It is an embarrassing fact that most of us at one time or another has had to toot and then run …

Food That is Good for Your Brain

If your mind is performing sluggishly, underachieving, and tossing away brain cells faster than a shopaholic counting out coins at a blue light sale then you may need to add into your diet plan some foods that are known for their positive effect on brain health.

Studies are suggesting that there are indeed specific nutrients that your brain requires to keep it working at peak performance. 

When it comes to keeping your brain happy and healthy there truly are good foods and bad foods that you should be aware of. 

What you eat can affect your cognitive functioning throughout the day. So if you want to get your brain pretending it is Einstein then sharpen up a pencil and get ready to prepare a grocery list of food items that your brain wants you to go shopping for. These are the foods that feed your mind.

So which foods are the best for your brain health? First on your shopping list should be Omega 3-fats. These are fats which are very important for keeping the brain healthy and working at t…

Calorie Shifting Diet Plan

The Calorie shifting diet plan uses a relatively new concept designed to trick your body into not recognizing the fact that it is losing weight. By maintaining the body's metabolism at a steady rate it is hoped that the dieter won't become frustrated and fall off the diet.

The diet program itself is simple and works by helping the participant avoid the dreaded plateau which is such a common factor of many other plans. It is more of a pattern of eating rather than a diet and by offering an increased chance for success it has people reaching out to see if this plan will be the one that works for them.

Almost everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows all too well hitting the dreaded diet plateau or the wall as it is also referred as. This is that strange phenomenon that occurs when a person enters into a long range diet plan and their body reacts to the successful weight loss by going into a defensive reaction. In a protective stance against what it perceives as starvation i…

Dietary Supplements Vitamins

Quite some time ago I was told that unless a person was doing a minimum of one hour of exercise in their workout that they were not actually getting any health benefits from their routine. Well don't you believe that old wives tale.

Diagnosed years ago with a chronic illness I was a little less healthier than the other folks at the fitness center that day but I was not about to sit down and do nothing. My decision turned out to be a wise one because since that time I have learned quite a lot about fitness for folks like me.

Every extra movement or exercise that you do throughout the day does make a difference. Every step you take helps you to become a little healthier and ten minute periods of exercise scattered throughout the day are just as important as that hour long exercise program that someone else does.

Every little difference that you initiate to make your body healthier will be that all important improvement to your later quality of health. This rule does not just apply to e…

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