Diet Exercise and Vitamin Supplements

Quite some time ago I was told that unless a person was doing a minimum of one hour of exercise in their workout that they were not actually getting any health benefits from their routine. Well don't you believe that old wives tale.

Diagnosed years ago with a chronic illness I was a little less healthier than the other folks at the fitness centre that day but I was not about to sit down and do nothing. My decision turned out to be a wise one because since that time I have learned quite a lot about fitness for folks like me. Every extra movement that you do throughout the day does make a difference. Every step you take helps you to become a little healthier and ten minute periods of exercise scattered throughout the day are just as important as that hour long exercise program that someone else may do.

Every little difference that you initiate to make your body healthier will be that all important improvement to your later quality of health. This rule does not just apply to exercise. Where your diet is concerned small changes to improve the quality of the foods you eat can add up to make a big difference as well. Every little lifestyle adjustment counts.

So don’t worry too much on how great of a change you are incorporating into your lifestyle plan, just start today to make those important little changes and everything else will fall into place. Which brings us to the importance of also adding dietary supplements into your diet to help insure that you are receiving all the nutrients your body needs.

Many of us have a tendency to add a few more treats into our diet than we should and these empty calories are often taken in at the expense of healthier more nutritious foods so it can be pretty easy on any given day to wind up not acquiring our daily nutritional needs.

Supplements are vitamin or mineral extras that we generally take in pill or liquid form to insure that our daily nutritional requirements are being met. When dieting or ill we may require additional nutrition to help us through. Women generally require a higher iron and calcium intake than men so often use these nutritional supplements to insure they receive an appropriate amount. Men often take vitamin E. Another popular supplement program is one based on the B + C categories of vitamins. For the many of us who do not eat sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables these can be a very important addition to insure our optimum health.

A vitamin that is getting considerably more attention now than it did in the past is Vitamin D. It turns out that many of us are deficient and especially so in the winter months. It is the sunshine vitamin and 20 minutes outdoors on a summer day should give us our daily recommended amount or at least that is what they used to believe. New recommendations are encouraging us to take a supplement regardless. SADs is an illness directly linked to a lack of sunshine and one receiving a great deal of attention lately as well. Proving that sunshine really is important for our good health.

Omega-3 supplements can aide in many different forms of inflammatory illness and this is in addition to its amazing ability for maintaining the health of one of our most precious organs the heart. Omega 3 fats are also fabulous for the brain and may help to preserve our grey matter for when we turn grey. 

Folic acid which we often find in cereals is becoming a nutrient of intense interest. Folic acid is an important supplement for pregnant women in order to insure the optimum health of her new child. It can help prevent birth defects of the spinal cord such as spina bifida.

Always keep in mind that dietary supplements should be custom tailored to your needs. Your body has its own unique needs and what is right for your neighbour or husband may not be what is right for you. Adapt your diet plan to fit into your lifestyle. During the cold gloomy winter months or during periods of stress or other lifestyle alterations your nutritional needs may be different than what you require at other times. Adjust your supplement program to your lifestyle and your distinct needs.

If you in any way feel that you may not be receiving an adequate amount of any nutrient then a trip to the local pharmacy might be exactly the place that you should be heading. Starting a dietary supplement program as soon as possible will not only improve your overall health and energy levels but it may also help to insure a healthier more active future for you tomorrow. Remember that it really is the little things that matter most in life and anything that you do today will make a large difference in how you feel tomorrow.

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