Love Handles Lose Them or Hide Them

Love handles are the little bulges of fat that accumulate just above the hips and to the side of the stomach. Termed love handles due their ability to be grasped by our lover these folds of fat can be quite worrisome to individuals who are self conscious of the fact that they are storing extra fat around their midsection.

Losing stubborn belly fat isn't easy and some people are unfortunately simply more prone to these fat stores. There are some individuals who's body type just naturally tends to store fat in the love handle region. Even more concerning is the fact that some people are prone to larger love handles than others. If you are one of those individuals who are worried about the size of your love handles then be aware that spot reduction does not always work well for reducing these specific folds of fat. Other than cosmetic surgery losing weight is really the only sure fire way to make those nasty old love handles go away.
The good news is that there are a few quick tricks to reduce the size of your love handles or to make them look less pronounced. If you want to lose your love handles then you will have to initiate a plan to reduce your overall body fat and this means burning more calories than you consume. There is another option. If you can't seem to lose them then you have the option of hiding them.

You can create an optical illusion to make your excess midriff weight disappear. You can make your love handles look less noticeable by increasing the appearance of your upper body size. You can do this by wearing clothes that will enhance the image of a larger chest or shoulder area or you can exercise your upper body to increase its size and therefore create the appearance of a smaller abdominal size.

There are more than a few simple tricks to help you get back into shapeRetaining water can make your body appear more bloated or round than you actually are and surprisingly drinking additional water will help prevent your body from retaining excess water. The extra water you drink will also help your body to better metabolize the foods you eat and to help you to feel fuller with the food that you do consume. When you feel more satisfied then you eat less. So be sure that you drink your eight glasses of water per day. It really is important.  

Reduce your salt intake. Salt will make you retain water and the fuller that your stomach is then the thicker your love handles will appear to be. By reducing your salt intake you can help reduce the appearance of bloating and appear leaner.

We generally lose weight rather uniformly throughout the body. Although it is not possible to simply focus on burning the fat from your midriff section you can burn off your body's excess calories, weight, and overall fat stores through increased exercise. Start burning more calories than you take in and your love handles will definitely melt away.

If you want to melt away your unwanted belly fat then you will need to initiate a responsible diet and exercise program. It is simple logic that the best way for you to get your love handles under control is by losing weight. Reducing your calorie intake and increasing the amount that you exercise will help get you the body you desire. As you lose weight you will also lose the extra fat that you have stored around your midsection.

Eat a protein rich diet for extra energy. Protein is energy food and consuming a diet rich in protein can help you to burn calories more efficiently. A boiled egg is an excellent food to begin your day. Not only is it rich in nutrition it is also a food that is very filling. Eggs will leave you feeling satisfied longer than a bowl of cereal and that will help you avoid snacking. Salmon, turkey, and chicken breast are other excellent protein sources. Snack responsibly. Munch on a handful of nuts, a cup of cereal, or an apple rather than potato chips, cookies, or candy.

Eliminate pop. Soda is what I refer to as empty calories. It provides you with no health benefits, vitamins, or nutritional value. Reach for a glass of water or milk instead. Chocolate milk is great diet food if you do not overdo it. It will provides instant energy and nutrition and it will help to satisfy your craving for a sweet.

Decreasing the amount of alcohol that you consume will also help to hasten your waist loss program. Alcohol generally contains a large dose of calories and those extra calories have a tendency to store themselves in the stomach and waist area. By simply eliminating alcohol from your diet plan you can decrease your calorie intake and increase your chances of a quicker overall weight loss.

Get moving and exercise more. Dance, lift weights, initiate a yoga program, swim, walk, run, or jog. It really does not matter how you burn those extra calories off just get out there and exercise a little more than you currently do.

Move it to lose it and avoid extreme diet plans. Always initiate a responsible weight loss program. Your body requires a well balanced diet to provide it with the nutrition it needs to keep you healthy and active. If you treat your body will today it will thank you in your later years. Diet responsibly.

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