We all know that we should eat our vegetables so these nutritional food facts, product information, tips and ideas for the preparation and preserving of veggies are here to help you enjoy the garden's harvest. It's a great time to go green.

How to Blanch Swiss Chard for the Freezer:
Blanching vegetables helps to lock in the vitamins and minerals they hold within them. It is a very important factor in freezing foods for future use. As with most frozen foods Swiss Chard has a specific blanching time to insure maximum texture, colour, and nutrition from garden to freezer to table.

Blanching Beets and Top Greens for Freezing: 
If you don't have this deep red root vegetable in your garden it is time to add it in. I had long ago heard that the darker the color the more nutritious the fruit or vegetable and with beets this tends to be true. Chock full of vitamins this veggie is simple to harvest and preserve. You can easily can it, freeze it, or pickle it.

Are Prepackaged Baby Carrots Good or Bad? 
There are some trivia questions that need to be asked and surprisingly many of them revolve around that beta-carotene rich vegetable the carrot. Will they make you turn orange? Are they loaded with sugar? Will eating carrots really help you see better at night? I find it surprising that this vegetable causes such confusion in comparison with others.

Why Broccoli is a Super Food: 
We all know that green vegetables are generally very healthy but when it comes to broccoli there is something very special about this super food.  It is one that you definitely want to include in your diet. Rich in antioxidants broccoli is unique in that it is not only rich in fiber but it is comprised of two distinct types, soluble and non-soluble.