There is a lot goes on in the kitchen. For many it is the heart of the home; a place to connect with family and friends it can at times be the busiest room in the house. This article index looks at kitchen DIY, tips, and ideas including food safety, food preparation, and getting the best food for your dollar.

How to Properly Steep Tea: 
Yes, there is indeed a right and a wrong way to steep your tea. There are many factors that go into creating the perfect cup of this soothingly relaxing beverage. Loose leaf or bag, distilled water or tap, and add to this the fact that the type of tea will also change how you prepare your brew. We are no longer limited to just the standard black tea, we now have green, white, Oolong, and herbal brands too.

Smelly Sink - How to Clean a Stinky Drain: 
Your sinks perform a lot of functions in the home and every once and awhile something in the drain may not smell quite right. Forget chemical cleaners or deodorizers there is a natural recipe for taking care of that funky odor permeating through the house.

How to Prevent Freezer Burn: 
Most of us have experienced it. You pull something out of the freezer and discover it is pale in colour and covered in icy particles. It doesn't affect the safety of the food but it can affect its flavour and texture. Fortunately there are ways to decrease the incidence of it occurring in your frozen foods.

Every now and then a fresh roadkill can look like a lot of supper on the hoof. If it is not too badly damaged those pounds of meat can be pretty tempting to salvage for the freezer. We all know the current high cost of meat.