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Orange Vegetable Trivia Facts: Are Baby Carrots Good for You?

Are carrots really good for your eyes? Can the pigments in carrots turn you orange? Are prepackaged baby carrots actually baby carrots? Are the baby carrots good or bad for you because I heard that they are doused in chemicals? 

Carrot questions? Yes, I have heard a few, and I am here to give you the cold hard facts on this orange root vegetable. Rich in Beta-carotene and vitamin A while being low in calories carrots are actually available in a range of colors. So keep an eye out for the white, yellow, orange, red, and purple varieties. Served displayed together they make for an attractive buffet veggie tray.

Yes, carrots are good for your eyes and it is because they are rich in vitamin A. It is an essential vitamin for good health and without sufficient intake the body has a reduced ability to fight infections. Vitamin A deficiency is also the number one cause of night blindness and a lack of this nutrient can lead to severe eye damage and eventually to complete blindness. Beta caroten…

Foods That Can Cause Inflammation

The foods you consume do make a difference to your health. There are definitely foods that can cause an inflammatory response in the body.

Eating a variety of foods in just the right quantities should keep your body healthy and working in top condition. At least this is how the system is supposed to work but unfortunately there are times when things can and will go wrong.

People need food to fuel their body but sometimes the foods which should be good for your body can actually cause you to become ill from their ingestion. If you continue to consume these foods then this illness can become chronic. This is the theory that rests behind some forms of autoimmune based illness and arthritis. 

How well do you know your foods? There are two foods in the opening photo that are more likely to increase inflammation. Can you guess which 2 they are? Give your best guess then find the correct answer at the foot of this article. 

1. Hamburger and peas.
2. Hamburger and yam.
3. Hamburger and white potat…

Show Your Passion for Food - Paint Your Kitchen in Color

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