There are many reasons to diet. For weight loss, weight gain, dietary restriction, or to maintain good health. There are many diets and each person will choose the one that best suits their needs. For those of us who are prone to quickly adding a few pounds to a frames dieting is a process that we are generally all too aware of. Fortunately new tips and techniques are consistently being discovered to help us out with our food options.

The Most Filling Foods Satiety List: A new study in diet success suggests that consumes foods that we find more filling may help us to be more successful in our weight loss attempt. Why? Because when we feel more satisfied with the foods we consume we are less likely to snack between meals.

Love Handles - Lose Them or Hide Them: The folds of fat to the sides of your abdomen are known as love handles because that is the area a lover often grips in passion. Some individuals are more prone than others to acquire a little too much excess fat in that local and for them it can be quite a weighty issue.

The Calorie Shifting Diet Plan: This new concept in dieting suggests that shifting the amount of calories you eat may help to increase the success of your diet plan. The diet itself is very flexible. You choose the days you will diet and the amount of calories you will consume on those days but your reduced calorie days are alternated with normal intake days.

The Special K Cereal Diet: It boasted that its participants lost on average 6 pounds in 2 weeks if they ate Kelloggs popular Special K Cereal. A logical claim when you consider that cereal has an average of 110 calories per bowl. If cereal were to replace even one high calorie meal that would be a saving of about 500 calories.

Obesity Epidemic - We are Getting Fat: It really is our fault. Man has become so efficient at acquiring food that it is making us fat. We no longer have to wander the fields hunting and gathering our meals, we have plenty of fatty high calorie options waiting for us at our local fast food restaurants and all we have to do is hand over the loot. We have grown too intelligent.

Dietary Supplements - Vitamins: Although we may not realize it many of us will at one time or another need them. Some have become almost routinely prescribed for specific situations and age groups. Folic acid to prevent birth defects in new babies, vitamin B12 to insure our good health, and vitamin D3 for those who may not get quite enough sunshine and to prevent muscle aches and pains in those prone to them.

The Cycling Calories Diet:
There are many ways to diet and cycling calories is one of these plans. It is based on the principle of tricking your body into not realizing that it is losing weight. There is logic in this concept as the diet is intended to trick the immune system into not become protective thus preventing a starvation mode or diet plateau from occurring.