Protein builds muscle and provides energy. Eggs, meat, nuts, and vegetables can provide it but not all of our protein sources are equal. A complete protein contains the 9 essential amino acids required to turn food into energy for our use. Now let's take a little peek into a few tips, facts, and ideas for these nutritionally rich foods.

Eggs for Protein: Eggs are a complete protein. A source of the 8 essential amino acids required to build muscle and provide us with energy they are a super food packed full of valuable vitamins and minerals.

Proper Cooking Times for Meat: Pork beef turkey chicken lamb or ham having food cooked correctly is important for savor and safety. These are the appropriate times and temperatures for insuring your meats are cooked as they were meant to be.

Cutting Pork Tenderloin Into Chops: Getting quality cuts of meat on a budget isn't impossible but it does take a little innovation. Tenderloin pork chops can be gotten at about 1/2 the price if you are willing to put a little arm work into getting it. Really it isn't too difficult because even I have no problems with the required cutting.

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