Yes, the foods we eat will influence how we feel. It's a food fact. It is important to consume a diet that provides the energy and nutrition needed to get us through the day but we are each unique in our needs. Specific foods will affect each individual differently. Our health is dependent on the products we choose to add into our daily diet plan.

Antioxidant Foods: If you know they are good for you but not quite sure why or how then this little tutorial will help you out. Not only can antioxidants help to prevent illness they can also help to keep you young longer. I kid you not.

Foods That Can Cause Inflammation: Studies have shown that some forms of autoimmune illness can be alleviated through diet. There are specific foods which increase or decrease the incidence of arthritic flares.
Cinnamon Honey Lemon Drink: There have been a lot of rumors floating around on this beverage so here are the nutritional facts on the matter. Yes, it is healthy and has many benefits but specifically this is why.

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